1/18 Hero Incom T-65 X-Wing


This project originally began as a conversion kit to convert the Hasbro hero x-wing which came out to 1/18 scale. While working on this project the conversion parts were becoming more accurate than the fuselage, so the project took a turn from being a conversion kit offering to a full kit. The Hasbro fuselage is proportionally wrong, so no matter what conversion parts you apply it would still be inaccurate.

Work on this “conversion kit” started on December 15 2017 and then in March 2018 the decision to forgo the conversion offering to a full kit was made and¬†finally after months of development I’m please to announce the first ever in this scale and the largest resin X-Wing kit ever made at 1/18 is now being offered. This kit captures all the detail of the hero version and allows the builder to build an accurate representation of this iconic fighter in 1/18 which is much larger than the 1/24 studio scale counterpart.

How big is 1/18 scale? around 24″ wide and 29.5″ in length.

What is “Master Series”? Its my new line of models that are geared towards the high end side of building. Meaning more parts count, accuracy and giving the builder more options.

What’s included?

Main 2 part fuselage body with canopy molded in place and fuselage parts such as side details, droidstrip, buttplate and nose.

Detailed pilot and cockpit, pilot will have clear cast visor and some cockpit details are cast in clear and supplied with both versions of the cockpit. (cockpit tub offered in resin and clear resin)

Astromech droids option, R2 or R4

2 Cockpit options – one cast in regular resin for those that don’t want to light up their cockpit or clear resin cockpit for those that want to go all out and light their cockpit

Wings, wing details , engines cast hollow for lighting

Wing cannons

Plastruct strips to detail the inside of the wings

Brass tubing for all 4 cannons

Solid brass rods for the cannon side details

Metal and resin internal armature to prevent sag.

Bolts and screws for the wings to mount to the armature.

Instructions on DVD.

The builder can mount the model from behind on their own custom stand/base or mount from the bottom with modification to the lower body. Base and stand not included and would need to be made by the builder (same way as the 1/24 kit offered by several kit makers)

Below is photos of what the kit looks like. (Click photo to enlarge)

































Clear parts (for cockpit panels and helmet visor) and armature and screws.






Comparison photos next to 1/24 studio scale parts to show how much larger 1/18 is










Here is some mock up pics , parts are loose fit together nothing glued in these pics














































How to order? email me